George McKinney Adventures in Software Development

June 28, 2020

XReality Meetup Presentation on Creating and Sharing XR Experiences

Interactive Presentation with Videos on Google Slides

Github Repo

WordPress in VR

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WP-VR-view How to add Photo Sphere and 360 Video

(this app needs an update)


June 22, 2020

VR YouTube Videos

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Virtual Reality and 360-degree Live Streaming with Wowza

RICOH THETA S Live Streaming over USB – Alpha driver

How to create a 360 video in Autopano Video 2.2 – The full workflow

Ricoh Theta 360 raakavideo

Unlimited Rocket Boost, Dynamic Lights, Dazzling Cityscape – RiftChopper 0.4

GoPano micro – A 360 lens for making panoramic video with the iPhone4

Oculus Rift 3D GoPro Movie test – Hyper Stereo

EVE-VR: Oculus Rift View Demo

Oculus Rift VR Ready Virtual Reality – Dancing Bikini Girl – First VR Video/Movie in 3D Stereo

Mobile Augmented Reality with BlackBerry 10

Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation

WE ARE AUTOBOTS – Transformers Augmented Reality

js-aruco: Augmented Reality on JavaScript

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