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January 22, 2017

At the Park

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February 28, 2014

Will Tweet for Lip Gloss!

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This is Oscars week in Hollywood.

From around the globe, fashionistas have descended upon this small community to make connections, share techniques and have a great time. WeWork, a boutique creative office space at the center of the action, was selected by Vanity Fair for its first ever Social Media blitz as part of Vanity Fair’s annual Campaign Hollywood.

Fashion bloggers and media influencers have been hard at work on the floor with cameras, laptops and smartphones on 100 megabyte internet connections tweeting, hashtagging and instagramming the buzz picked up on the evening celebrity news. Treated like celebrities themselves, manicures, pedicures, gourmet caffienations from Coffee Vittoria of Australia and more are all at their beck and call.

To the more part, what stands out to me is the use of technology here: backed by Vanity Fairs partner brands Loreal, Lancome, Chrysler, Chobani, Giorgio Armani, et. al, a new tweet-driven viral marketing tool has been born.

“This is the coolest thing!” – a fashion influencer exclaimed upon receiving her gift.
Twitter driven Viral Machine

How it works: The hardware involved is a typical candy vending machine decorated on its sides with the hashtags of the featured brands, a touch screen windows computer is attached as the user interface and wired to the vending machine. The software works by guiding users to a product where a specific message series of hashtags are displayed for tweeting. The user then tweets the message. The software receives the hashtag from Twitter, analyzes it and then actuates the product selection and delivery mechanism.

Instead of candy dropping from the machine, you catch a $40 lipstick box.

I think this was a fun way to get people engaged in the brand and deliver a crowd-pleasing display that kept the audience engaged all-day long.

Will Tweet for Lip Gloss all day long!

January 14, 2013


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This page has all the resources you need to bring you PhoneGap Android application (no plugins allowed) to BlackBerry 10 phones. Modification of your UI will probably be necessary and possibly some adjustments to your code.

Here are the links:

  • Vendor Portal for BlackBerry App World
    Create your account
  • BlackBerry Keys Order Form
    Get your keys
  • BlackBerry HTML5 WebWorks
    Go to
    so that you can install Ripple emulator into your Chrome Web Browser and install the WebWorks SDK
  • WinRar or other Zip extraction program
    Download from or from another safe URL!
  • PhoneGap APK
    such as from PhoneGap Build, Tiggzi, etc.
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS Graphical Aid
  • WebWorks Config.xml

  • BlackBerry® Packager for Android™ Apps
  • Loading Your Application into BlackBerry World

July 27, 2012

BB10 App for BlackBerry DevAlpha running SVG Animation created with Flash

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BlackBerry10 DevAlpha running HTML5 SVG animation. Original artwork came from Flash Professional. Using Google’s Swiffy (, the .swf became svg which is embedded in the browser.


Speech to Text Platforms

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Speech to Text Platforms

An example of this in use:




May 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus S NFC

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Here is an NFC reader app using Cordova/PhoneGap based on ChariotNFC. I am using it to read tags from TouchATag.

I made it for the Samsung Nexus S. I updated it to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 via an Over The Air update through Sprint.

To see more how you can use NFC, check out this Adobe MAX Video.

Here are some pics:
Samsung Nexus S and TouchATag
Samsung Nexus S and TouchATag

ChariotNFCActivity has started
ChariotNFCActivity has started

Samsung Nexus S and TouchATag
Samsung Nexus S and TouchATag

Reading the First Tag
Reading the First Tag

Reading the Second Tag
Reading the Second Tag

Lots of TouchATagsTouchATag
Lots of TouchATagsTouchATag

April 24, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 on Samsung Nexus S

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Last fall, I attended the Sprint Open Solutions Conference for Developers It was a great experience for me since I first became a customer in 1997. My first cellphone was a Samsung way back then which was a huge step up from my Motorola beeper!

Anyways, they gave all conference attendees the Samsung-manufactured Google Nexus S, which is running the unmodified Gingerbread Android operating system with NFC and a beautiful screen. Lots of fun.

Unfortunately, the phone only came with 1 month of service and then it became a wifi only device for me. Fast forward a few months and Google released Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. I wanted the new OS for my phone but I didn’t want to root it so I have been waiting for the Over-the-Air (OTA) update from Sprint.

That day has come. In order to get the update, I went to a Sprint Service Center Store in Los Angeles. There, the staffperson swapped out my old phone and did a hard reset on the Nexus S wiping out all the data . After entering a few codes on her computer and into the phone, the phone came back to life. Within an hour the OTA update was ready. I installed without issue transforming it from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Since I am a developer I figured it was high time for me to start programming this phone. This required installing the right Samsung device driver.

The basic instructions are 1) get the device driver. I used this one for Windows: . You could also find it from the Samsung website thought it’s a little more difficult to navigate. Next, 2) you have to connect the phone via USB and get to the Device Manager. It will show that the driver is not installed properly. 3) You open it up and select update driver. Browse and then select from the List of installed drivers for Samsung’s and then find the one for ADB Interface. I followed the instructions from this Youtube video.

First thing I did was put a Cordova (HTML5 PhoneGap) game I wrote onto the Nexus S. More on that later…

March 25, 2011


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LinkedIn has been a valuable service to me and I wish it continued innovation and success… George

Email from Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Chairman

June 11, 2005


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I believe in sharing technology and its wonders for the benefit of the world.

What an amazing age we live in.

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