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February 7, 2021

XC Run Tool xcrun

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XCode’s CLI Swiss Army Knife

xcrun -h (for help)

xcrun -v (verbose output)

xcrun –show-sdk-path (will show the SDK path including its platform)

ls /Applications/ (displays all the platforms)

xcrun simctl list (list device uuid for the simulator)

xcrun simctl install [sim-device-uuid] (install an app onto the simulator)


xcrun actool Assets.xcassets –compile build –platform iphoneos –minimum-deployment-target 9.3 (Create by compiling the .xcassets folder)
[ platform name is all lowercase ]

xcrun –sdk iphoneos assetutil –info (view contents of the archive)

/Applications/ Assets.xcassets –compile build –platform tvOS –minimum-deployment-target 8.0

AIR SDK iOS 14.3 signature issue
Hello, when I compile IPA applications and install it into device with iOS 14.3, I got this message:
This app will not work with future versions of iOS

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