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November 5, 2013


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This past weekend at the Angelhack in Los Angeles,, I worked with a team of guys (Joaquin, Alan and Cory) to build an Arduino-powered beer pump. Our in-house brew master, America, served it up.

This project followed the #driptweet coffee maker with a few adjustments.

Hardware used in this project were an arduino uno, seeeduino relay shield, LED light, and a 2 prong power cord extension.

Software used in this project was Python and an Arduino Sketch. Both can be found at

Cory, George, Joaquin and Alan

The Twitter page sending tweets and from which the Python code looks for instructions to pass on to Arduino.

The Arduino Uno is underneath the Seeeduino Relay Shield

Good view of Fish tank and the tubing that goes to the Keg of beer dispenser.

The python terminal and the python program running.

America pouring a cold beer

Alan’s UI Mockups for the app

Alan’s UI Mockups for the app

Alan’s UI Mockups for the app

Alan’s UI Mockups for the app

Alan’s UI Mockups for the app

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