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September 26, 2020

Follow Linket

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Linket Cat



[ Jill Gamer ]

Your Guest can play at[
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September 12, 2020

Updating AWS CLI on Linux from Version 1 to Version 2

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Amazon Linux 1 and 2 AMI used for EC2 have AWS CLI pre-installed but if it is version 1 and you want to update to version 2, do this.


Step 1. First check which version you have currently installed:

aws –version

will output something like this:

aws-cli/1.14.39 Python/3.7.3 Linux/4.14.193-113.317.amzn1.x86_64 exe/x86_64.amzn.2018


Step 2. Optionally, you can review its configuration with:

aws configure


AWS Access Key ID [****************AU4L]:
AWS Secret Access Key [****************cFa+]:
Default region name [us-east-1]:
Default output format [json]:


Step 3. Uninstalling depends on which version of Python you have associated with AWS CLI. Check the AWS version previously displayed to be sure. Here is a link to the documentation

For Python 2, the command is:

pip uninstall awscli

For Python 3, the command is:

pip3 uninstall awscli


Step 4. Installing version 2 according to:

   curl “” -o “”
   sudo ./aws/install


Step 5. Upon installation of the version 2, it will probably not be in the same place the operating system is expecting and it will be necessary to update the path according to the output of Step 4.

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/aws


Now check the version

aws –version


aws-cli/2.0.48 Python/3.7.3 Linux/4.14.193-113.317.amzn1.x86_64 exe/x86_64.amzn.2018


Step 6. Optionally, rerun the configure option in order to make sure everything is still there and you will be good to go.

   aws configure


AWS Access Key ID [****************AU4L]:
AWS Secret Access Key [****************cFa+]:
Default region name [us-east-1]:
Default output format [json]:


This shows how straightforward updating this valuable tool can be. As one of the three ways of managing Amazon Web Services resources (AWS Console, AWS SDKs and AWS CLI), you will be ready for the task at hand.

September 8, 2020

Using Chrome as a Local Web Server

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Nifty trick from

Chrome version 65+ can double as a local static web server



        <h1>This is</h1>

August 16, 2020

Western Union and Bitcoin

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Wiley Post’s Mother Sent a Telegram Worth More Than Money


Cryptocurrency counter argument
DECEMBER 5, 2018
“ wouldn’t be a big reach for WU to add a cryptocurrency to its customer options right now because we’ve already been transferring money digitally for two decades.”
“…cryptocurrencies have so far failed to achieve broad acceptance because they have yet to master three things: governance, compliance and volatility.”

Is Bitcoin a Viable Currency? Interview with David Thompson
FEBRUARY 3, 2017
“If you think about a society that wants to completely adopt cryptocurrency for its entire ecosystem—you could take a small country, controlled maybe by a central bank with a set price and a set exchange rate—there could be a real use for cryptocurrency because it would reduce the cost of printing, distribution, security, and many things.”

July 31, 2020

Dolby Atmos

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Try simulated Dolby Atmos online

Microsoft Dolby Access app

Dolby Atmos for Headphones

Samsung Phones support Dolby Atmos
S9, S9+, Note9, Note 10 and Galaxy S10/S20

Amazon Fire HD Tablets support Dolby Atmos

Remember when Macromedia Flash was the way to experience music and video on the Internet? With Dolby Atmos, you can now get immersive 360 spatial audio like at a movie theatre, but the manufacturer has to put it in your device speakers and sound bars (with Dolby Atmos label), streaming devices (Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV 4K, Samsung Galaxy S10 or S20) or you can buy software for $15 from Microsoft store that converts stereo for you.

Dolby On Recording App

June 28, 2020

XReality Meetup Presentation on Creating and Sharing XR Experiences

Interactive Presentation with Videos on Google Slides

Github Repo

WordPress in VR

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WP-VR-view How to add Photo Sphere and 360 Video

(this app needs an update)


Social VR

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Social VR
Group follow
One on One

June 23, 2020

Amazon Alexa Gaming

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AWS for WordPress

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AWS for WordPress

Create audio versions of your posts, translate them into other languages, and create podcasts. Integrate with Amazon Alexa to listen to your posts on Alexa-enabled devices. Use Amazon CloudFront to accelerate your website and provide a faster, more reliable viewing experience.

For configuration instructions, see the documentation at

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